Chances are you regularly get fake email claiming to be from companies that you do business with. However, these scam emails are trying to trick you into giving up your passwords and other information. It is important to be skeptical of every email message you receive and to learn to recognize the signs of phishing scams. Even email messages that seem to come from friends and relatives can be scams. (more...)

You can use the Keychain Access app on your Mac to create secure random passwords for things that are not necessarily online. For instance, you can create random ATM pins or passwords for apps and other services. You can also store these passwords in your Keychain so you have a backup in a secure place in case you forget the password later on. Check out my book The Practical Guide to Mac Security at http://macmost.com/j-macsecurity (more...)

There are two primary ways to create slideshows in the the new Photos app on your Mac. The first is a quick slideshow that you can start by simply selecting photos and pressing the slideshow button. But you can also create a slideshow project that has many more options. With a project, you can order the photos, add text, set transition options and more. You can also export a project as a video to share on YouTube, Facebook or elsewhere. (more...)
Many apps in iOS 8 created by Apple and third parties have a share button. You can use this button to share what you are currently viewing, such as a web page, photo or other information. You can customize which options appear available for sharing. You can also perform other actions with the content depending on what is available for the app you are using, and which other apps you have installed that will work with it. (more...)
The Mac Photos app has lots of different functions that make viewing and editing your photos easier. Learn about some of the hidden tricks in Photos such as the sidebar, viewing photo titles, editing dates, adding keywords, copying editing adjustments, exporting the original file and much more. (more...)
There are many settings and hidden features of your Apple Watch that you should know about to get the most out of it. Learn about things like taking screenshots, saving a playlist on your Apple Watch, putting calls on hold to answer on your iPhone, removing apps from the main screen, using your Apple Watch to take pictures with your iPhone, and much more. (more...)
Take a look at the editing controls in the new Photos app on the Mac. You can use automatic settings and filters to quickly change the look of your photos. You can also rotate and crop photos, and use precise color adjustments. Some controls only show you limited settings until you reveal more controls. You can also remove imperfections or whole objects from photos. (more...)
Video Tutorial: Apple Watch Basics
Learn the basics of the Apple Watch. See how to use the various controls like the crown, side button, screen and microphone to navigate through the Watch's controls and apps. You can also use your iPhone's Apple Watch app to configure the screens and app on the Watch. (more...)
Video Tutorial: Apple Watch First Look
A brief look at the new Apple Watch. Hear about the basic setup procedure and take a look at the interface. See what some of the apps look like and how they work. Hear Gary's first impressions of the long-awaited Apple Watch. (more...)
Video Tutorial: iOS Orientation Lock
If you think your iPad or iPhone is stuck in either portrait or landscape mode, it is probably because you have turned on orientation lock. Learn how to switch it off and why you may want to use it occasionally. (more...)

The new Photos app for Mac allows you to store all of your photos on Apple's servers as part of their iCloud service. This makes your entire Photos library available on all of your Apple devices including Macs, iPads and iPhones. You can add, edit or delete photos on any device and see the changes on all of them. You can choose to store original photo files on a device, or have the device only use optimized versions of the photos. You can also view your Photo Library on iCloud.com. (more...)

It is fairly easy to grab a screenshot of your iPhone or iPad if you know how. You've got to press the two physical buttons on your iOS device at the same time. This puts a copy of the screen into your Camera Roll in your Photos app. From there you can share it various ways. You can also attach a copy of the screenshot to an email message. (more...)
Learn how to view your photos by Years, Collections and Moments in the new Photos app. Find out how to organize your photos into your own albums. You can create albums, add to them, remove photos from them and arrange the order of the photos in an album. (more...)
The new Mac Photos app has finally arrived with OS X 10.10.3. Take a quick look at the app and its major new feature of syncing across all of your Apple devices. The app looks and behaves much like the iOS Photos app. You can create albums, edit photos, order prints, and more. (more...)
Video Tutorial: Safari Passwords
Safari lets you create strong passwords and save them when you create new accounts or log into existing ones on the web. You can access these passwords in Safari preferences or using the Keychain Access app. Thanks to iCloud, these passwords can sync across your devices allowing you to use strong secure passwords on your iOS devices as well as your Macs. (more...)