Long before I started MacMost in 2007 I was writing computer books. My first book was about multimedia authoring way back in 1995. For a while I wrote books mostly for developers. Then I started to write books about Apple things after MacMost started. My biggest success was My iPad for QUE (most recent edition). I also started publishing my own books last year with The Practical Guide to Mac Security.

Since the beginning of MacMost 9 years ago I thought about writing a “tips” book. After all, tips are the essence of MacMost. You come here to learn useful tips about how to use your Mac. People like the videos, but people like tips in book form too.

So I finally decided to write my tips book. I like how it turned out.


Using a trick hidden in the Accessibility features of your Mac you can zoom in to a portion of your Mac's screen. With El Capitan you can use this zoom feature as a magnifying glass, allowing you to see the screen normally while also seeing a zoomed view in a corner. This can be useful for artists or anyone who needs to focus on a portion of their screen. But it isn't useful for revealing more detail in an image. (more...)

If you share a Mac between multiple people, each with their own user account, then you can easily share files between these accounts using the Public folder. In addition, you can create special shared folders where you can collaborate more directly with files as long you set the permissions correctly. (more...)
Video Tutorial: GarageBand Live Loops
Live Loops is a new feature of GarageBand for iOS that makes it easy and fun to create music. You can use one of the provided set of loops, or full in cells in a grid with recordings or loops to create your own. Then you can play Live Loops in real time and record. When you are done, you can go into the normal GarageBand interface to add more or fine tune. (more...)

Wireless charging is a joke, but it doesn’t have to be. Have you seen those commercials for Samsung’s wireless charger? The claim is that you don’t have to deal with a cable mess. But you still do. The cable still runs from the wall to the charging pad. And you have to stick the phone directly on the charging pad. So is the experience any better than just plugging the phone in? Slightly. Very slightly. Lots of cool 21st century tech to go from “plug” to “place.”

Find and replace is useful tool for writers, editors and anyone who works with large word processing documents. You can use a variety of special find features in TextEdit to refine your searches. If you know the right techniques, you can swap words and search for patterns. In Pages searching isn't as powerful, but Microsoft Word has even more advanced features. (more...)

I’ve been busy working on a new book that will contain 101 Mac tips. I’ll be focusing on OS X and Safari and leaving iCloud and apps like Pages, Numbers and Keynote for another time.
While I’m working on it, I would love to hear from your about your thoughts.

Perhaps one of the most useful things you can add to your app is a clipboard history manager. Take a look at two free apps that allow you to recall multiple clipboard items, not just the current text in the clipboard buffer. Any Mac user should find Jumpcut or ClipMenu useful additions to their computer. (more...)

Apple’s holiday quarter results came out today. It was a record quarter by most measurements, but a slight disappointment to stock analysts. They were looking at things like the next quarter’s guidance numbers. No matter to us users, though. Apple sold a lot of stuff and made a lot of money.

Video Tutorial: Music Memos
Apple released a new free app for iPhone and iPad this week that allows music creators to easily capture new ideas. You can sign or play an instrument and record it. You can add backing bass and drums and play around with the song. You can then export to Garageband or upload to a number of different places. (more...)
Deleting a file from iCloud Drive means that it is deleted across all of your devices. A copy will remain in the trash of the Mac you are using. But even if you empty the trash there is a way to recover the files using iCloud.com. (more...)

Naturally many people have asked my opinion about the Danny Boyle/Aaron Sorkin movie that tried to sum up the man’s life in two hours and two minutes. In addition to being an Apple enthusiast I am also a movie buff, so of course I saw it when it came out. It is in the news again this week with two Golden Globe wins and two Oscar nominations.

If an app isn't in your Dock, you can easily find it and launch it one of several common ways. You can look for it in the Applications folder, use LaunchPad or search with Spotlight. If you use an app often, add it to the Dock to easier access. (more...)
Video Tutorial: Simple Custom Icons
Learn how to create custom icons using on the Finder and Preview. You can make a folder or file stand out in a few simple steps with a custom icon. (more...)
Both Google and Microsoft offer voice assistant apps that you can download for your iPhone or iPad for free. Google's app offers some advantages over Siri, but neither app can match Siri because of Siri's connection to your built-in iPhone apps. (more...)