Connection lines allow you to visually connect two or more shapes or other objects in Pages and Keynote. You can use this to create organizational charts, flowcharts or other types of diagrams. You can set and create styles for these lines, put arrows at the ends and choose from straight, curved or lines with right angles. (more...)
Video Tutorial: The Logitech C920 Webcam

People ask me about the camera I use to record these tutorials. I have been using the C920 for the last two years and find this inexpensive webcam to be better than some other expensive and more cumbersome solutions. It uses H.264 compression in the camera to allow it to send 1080p video over USB2. It works with any Mac and most apps. See a quality comparison between the C920 and the MacBook's built-in FaceTime HD camera. (more...)


You can erase your Mac and set it up so it is ready for a new owner by using the recovery partition. This hidden part of your hard drive allows you to boot into a special mode where you can erase all of the contents on your Mac and re-install the system. There are a few things you should do first, such as logging out of iCloud and deauthorizng your account in iTunes. By using a special security feature of Disk Utility on the recovery partition, you can ensure that your data is erased. (more...)

Learn how to create a transparent graphic that you can then overlay in iMovie to point out an area of interest. You can then have that graphic move around on the video to follow a subject. You can use this to highlight something in the video, or hide a face or some other element. (more...)
Video Tutorial: Recycling Your Old Mac
If you have an old Mac or other Apple product that has been replaced by a newer model, you may want to get some money from it by reselling it. You could use Craigslist or eBay to sell old equipment, or look for a local shop. You can also get paid to recycle your Mac from sites like Gazelle.com, Amazon.com or even Apple itself. (more...)
Video Tutorial: Webcam Settings App
You usually do not have much control over your iSight, FaceTime or 3rd-party webcams on a Mac. The Webcam Settings app changes that by adding a whole array of settings and adjustments for most webcams. You can change things like brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation and focus. You can even zoom and pan if the camera is a high enough resolution. You can get the Webcam Settings app from the Mac App Store at http://macmost.com/j-webcamsettings (more...)
Video Tutorial: Guest User Accounts
If you want to give someone else access to your Mac, like a house guest or someone visiting you at work, use the Guest Account instead of letting them handle your real user account. Guest Accounts are easy to switch to, and protect all of your documents, settings and other data from mistakes the guys might make. When the guys is done, the Guest Account is wiped out completely, leaving nothing behind. You should have your own account, and anyone else who \'owns\' the Mac with you, like a spouse or other family member should have their own account as well. Anyone else should use a Guest Account. (more...)
Apple announced a new MacBook today, as well as details for the release of the Apple Watch. The new MacBook is a super-thin 12-inch model with a retina display and touch-feedback trackpad. The Apple Watch will be available on April 24, with pre-orders starting April 10. Apple also announced a new price for the Apple TV and an HBO Now app for viewing HBO content without a cable subscription. (more...)
When you compose a new message in Mail, you are usually spending a very short amount of time in the Mail composition window and it is easy to miss some of the features. At the top of the window you can use various buttons and add more. You can also change the fields available to you, such as adding or removing CC and BCC fields and even a REPLY-TO field. In the message body area, you can use styling and also mark up images and PDFs. (more...)
You can change your default search engine in Safari to Google, Bing, Yahoo! or DuckDuckGo. The latter offers no-track searching and a variety of other features. You can use "bangs" like !apple to quickly search inside popular websites. You can also set it as your default on iOS. (more...)
Video Tutorial: Shared Family Calendars
With iCloud, you can create shared family calendars that appear on your Mac and iOS devices. You can add anyone with an iCloud account to the calendar and they can view, edit and add events. This makes it easy for a family to stay organized. You get notifications when someone changes the calendar. You can create many of these calendars for different subjects or different groups of people to share. If someone does not have a Mac or iOS device, it may be easier to use a Google calendar instead, which can still be accessed in the same Calendar apps on Apple devices. (more...)
Video Tutorial: Font Panel Favorites
The Font Panel can be accessed and used in apps like Pages, TextEdit and Mail to change the font and style of currently selected text. You can also save font settings a \'Favorites\' in the Font Panel and then easily access those particular styles later. These Favorites will remain in the Font Panel across all of the apps that use it, so you can set up favorites that you use often and access then easily in different apps. You can also customize the font sizes shown in the Font Panel. (more...)
Video Tutorial: Upgrading To USB 3
If you have purchased a new Mac recently, it comes with USB 3 ports. These look just like USB 2, but are much faster. If you are still using USB 2 external drives you will want to consider upgrading as the speed difference is worth the price. Thunderbolt may seem like an even better option, but unless you are paying a lot for an SSD, the speed of standard drives will give you the same results between USB 3 and Thunderbolt, so you may as well go for the much cheaper option. (more...)
Video Tutorial: What Is iCloud?
Learn about the basic features of iCloud and what the service provides. This video is a good starting point for those asking the question \'What Is iCloud.\' It will tell you briefly about services like iCloud Drive, Contacts, Calendars, Note, Reminders, Mail and other features of Apple's iCloud service. (more...)
The latest version of GarageBand allows you to create drum tracks using various settings rather than picking a fixed drum loop. You can select a drummer, and then change the style, which drums are used and many other factor to create a unique drum loop for your project. If nothing else, the drummer function in GarageBand is fun to play with! (more...)