10 Ways To Make Your Mac's Wallpaper Unique

Instead of using the default desktop background wallpaper, you can easily set it to something to fit your style. You can use custom colors, your own photos, create your own gradient wallpapers and much more.

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    Kathleen Maasberg
    4 years ago

    Absolutely Fascinating! Thank you.

    Ken Vignona
    4 years ago

    Hey Gary, I have asked this before, but I set up photos for my desktop. I use 5 desktops and three finger swipe to switch screens. After a few weeks my desktop reverts to the original Mac supplied photos. How come this setup is not permanent? Is there a setting? Thanks Ken

    4 years ago

    Ken: It should be permanent. Not sure why it is resetting for you.

    Shirley Allan
    4 years ago

    I do something similar by creating two Albums in Photos, one called "Desktop" and the other called "ScreenSavers" which allows me to drop pictures I might want to use into each and use them as I wish.

    4 years ago

    I right-click on my desktop and get a drop down menu that includes: Change Desktop Background. I think it is part of the OS X system and not a 3 party app that allows me to do this... I have doing this for years and never thought to go to the menu bar. It is the standard desktop/screen saver preference window.

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