MacMost Now 308: 12 Cool Things About the New iMacs

In addition to being a general upgrade to the iMac line, the new iMacs have 12 new and interesting features that you should know about.

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    15 years ago

    Great show of the cool features, one correction, the last update of the iMacs before this one had FW 800 as standard, I know as I have a lab in a school with 5 iMacs that have FW 800 only.

    15 years ago

    Wish they added eSATA. :(

    Which is more powerful i5 or i7?

      15 years ago

      i7 is 2 better than i5. No. Actually, the difference is i7 uses "Hyper-Threading" which is basically simulating 8 cores on a 4-core processor. Not as good as 8 real cores, but it will give a speed boost in some types of calculations.

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