15 Ways To Make Text Easier To Read On Your Mac

If you ever have trouble reading text on your Mac because it is too small, there are many ways to adjust text in different places to help. You can make a universal change by adjusting your display resolution, use helper features like Accessibility Zoom, or change the display size for text in apps like the Finder, Safari, Mail and more.

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    Ronnie West
    4 years ago

    Very useful but, needs to be relaxed a little because you are speaking much to quickly.

    Dan Castrellon
    4 years ago

    Agree with Ronnie West. Presentation is way too fast. Please slow down just a bit, especially with moving the cursor around to various points. Information is very useful, after I viewed it over and over times.

    Jenny Lee Wax
    3 years ago

    Thank you. I have been hating this mac display for text--needed to see a blacker font (not gray) and more contrast. Finally with your instructions and found "brightness" and that was a miracle for me! Can't remember if I unchecked "default" first or if "brightness" just showed itself to me. lol

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