MacMost Now 190: 3D On Your Mac and iPhone Without Glasses

Spatial View's 3D screens allow you to view 3D images and play games in 3D without wearing glasses. A new iPhone will allow you to take 3D pictures and share them.
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Hi. This is Gary with MacMost Now. Would you believe 3d on your Mac or iPhone with no glasses. Now I saw some really cool stuff at MacWorld expo. One of the coolest was this thing from special view where you put this screen in front of your Mac and you also use this special software and than you can do... view 3d games like world of Warcraft, in 3d without using glasses. And it really worked and it was pretty cool
Now another really cool thing about this was that they have the same thing for the iPhone. A small screen that fits over the iPhone and you can view 3d images on it with no glasses. And you can even take your own 3d images by using their software and basically taking two shots spaced a little bit apart and then compiling a 3d image. And it was really cool and I caught up with the CEO of Spatialview at the expo and he told me all about it.
My name is Val I'm the CEO of Spatialview. We're hear at MacWorld we're launching some exciting 3d technology. It's the worlds first. So you can see 3d on the iPhone and the MacBook with a removable a removable overlay. This is our first product here. Its basically a skin with a removable lens. So if you have 3d content like movies, games, stills, you can watch them in great quality. A... we have some up. So its really exciting. You can actually create your own 3d, using the built in camera. You take two pictures, left and right, and the self re-align stem and up you go. You can look at them, send them around to your friends, family, upload them to Flicker, whatever you'd like to do. We'll also be launching a game, sdk, so actually a game in real 3d on the iPhone and with the sdk. We can actually produce games for the iPhone so its really excited about this. Its kind of neat, so 3d's here, its real. Its not something mystical. Its available. And its gonna be ...a affordable as well. We'll launch this March 15th. The apps are already on the apps store so you can download them. Pricing is gonna be under fifty bucks so it's a... very affordable, and its quite the experience. A... we're also launching a... 3D-flector. That's a removable overlay for the MacBook. A This is the product here. You just use your PowerBook ...a like always. If you have 3D contents You just put this under the magnets. It fits, and we use the built in webcam to track your eyes so the image is always perfectly aligned for you as a user. This is gonna be available in a... Q2 of '09. Its gonna be under three-hundred dollars, We haven't really fixed pricing yet. With all the software you need ...the players a... and we have all kinds of plug-ins, great content like Cinema FourV for instance you can use this for instance to reduce content to review it. If you have a SecondLife client, there's games--about 25 of the most popular games that we support with our own driver, so I think it's a cool experience.
Talk a little bit more about um, how it, a... people don't need glasses for this its 3d and its all the technology on the screen.
Yes basically what we do, a, we have a lens that we put in front of the LCD that does the interlacing so we believe that glasses are ok, but they're not that cool. So we're really all about natural viewing. Everyone is born with two eyes. We bring this same experience without any ... to the flat-screen. I think this is, you know, a really nice experience. A... we also have some high-rent products a... originally go to You can find the products there for medical, a scientific and so on. But I really think we want to bring this great experience to the consumer. Make it affordable, make it available, today.
So you want to go to to find out more. 'Till next time, this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.

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    james braselton
    9 years ago

    hi there dont need it becuase there are games 3D with out glasses for the iphone ipod touch and ipad called 3D super foot ball weather globe 3D noon globe holo toy weather globe empty city 3D lite and empty city 3D free space planets

    9 years ago

    how much is it for a 15 inch mac bookpro

      9 years ago

      Check their web site to see what products they have available and at what prices.

    9 years ago

    what is it called

      9 years ago

      The company the video is about? Spatial View 3D.

    8 years ago

    Where can i buy this “screen” to be added over my iMac’s sreen??

      8 years ago

      Search for “wazabee” and see what comes up. I’m not sure, myself.

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