MacMost Now 350: Apple Announces the iPad

Apple announced a new product today: the iPad. Essentially a large iPod Touch, the iPad is capable of running iPhone apps at a higher resolution. You can use it to purchase and use music, videos and books. It comes in a WiFi and a WiFi+3G version and will be available at the end of March for prices starting at $499.

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    14 years ago

    Great review!

    Bonnie Lynn Bergstein
    14 years ago

    More of a question, I need to purchase a new MacBook soon. Would I be better off going for the iPad, or should I stick with the MacBook. I don't have an iPhone, I use my MacBook for emails, Facebook, all my internet shopping. Have all my photos on iPhoto, and all my music on iTunes. I am retired and disabled and stay at home most of the time. My computer is my link to the outside world. I like the features of the iPad, and if I would purchase one, I would wait to get the fully loaded model. Any suggestions????

      14 years ago

      It is a big step down from a MacBook to an iPad. I wouldn't replace your MacBook with one until you have tried it in the store and are sure it can meet all your needs.

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