Apple Watch Power User Tips

There are many settings and hidden features of your Apple Watch that you should know about to get the most out of it. Learn about things like taking screenshots, saving a playlist on your Apple Watch, putting calls on hold to answer on your iPhone, removing apps from the main screen, using your Apple Watch to take pictures with your iPhone, and much more.
Video Transcript / Captions
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Hi, this is Gary with On today's episode let me show you some power user tips for using the Apple Watch.

So the first tip I want to show you is how to take a screen shot. You take a screen grab on your Apple Watch the same way you do with an iPhone.

You have to press both physical buttons. So in this case you've got the crown and the side button which are right next to each other so it makes it really easy. So you press and hold both at the same time and you can see it flashes there and tells you you took a screen shot.

Now where does the screen shot go. Well it goes into the Camera Roll on your iPhone. It appears there pretty instantly so it is easy to take screen grabs of things that you see or things that you want to keep on your Apple Watch.

To switch your watch into Power Reserve mode press and hold the side button for a few seconds until you see this menu pop up and then slide to Power Reserve. So this will still allow you to see the time on your watch but it basically shuts off a lot of other things and greatly extends the battery life.

Now I don't like how the default action of always going back to the watch face works on the Apple Watch. If I'm looking at an app I want to go back to that app the next time I'm looking at the watch which might just be a few seconds later.

So I switched on the Last Used App setting. Which if you go to Settings and then General then go to Activate on Wrist Raise, you turn that on and then switch to Last Used App.

Now when you first get your Apple Watch every app on the Apple Watch component will appear as an app on the main screen. A lot of these I'm never going to use so I wanted to remove some of them.

You can do this on your iPhone through the Apple Watch controls. But you can also tap and hold on one of the icons and you should get the little x's, just like you do on your iPhone.

Now it is important to remember not to force touch, you're not pressing hard just pressing lightly, on the apps and you get the little x button and you can remove apps right there from your Apple Watch.

You can easily add them back again from your iPhone's Apple Watch app so it is not like you're actually deleting them. They are still on your iPhone. You're just not going to see them on your Apple Watch anymore.

Now if you used to set your old fashioned watch a few minutes early so you would always be a little early for things or have a little bit more warning when something is coming up you can do the same with your Apple Watch. Just go to Settings and Time Settings and then you can select the Time Adjustment and set it to how many minutes you want.

So if your iPhone is in your pocket and you get a phone call you get a notification on your Apple Watch but you want to take that on your iPhone. Simply scroll up using the crown and then select Answer on iPhone. That will put the call on hold on your iPhone so you have time to fish it out and answer.

So from the watch face if you swipe down you will see all your notifications. To get rid of one swipe to the left and tap clear. If you want get rid of all your notifications, clear it all out, just force touch and you will get a Clear All button.

The Calendar app includes two different modes. A lot of people don't realize this. Just force touch and you will come up with this selection here and you can go between Today and a Day view in the Calendar.

In the Music app you can also use force touch to access some additional functions like Shuffle or Repeat. Select the Source whether the music is coming from your iPhone or from your Apple Watch. Also you can select AirPlay. This will allow you to choose from AirPlay sources so you can send the music to say your Apple TV or some other airplay device.

There is also a camera app on the Apple Watch. Now there is no camera on the Apple Watch. What it does is it shows you what the camera on your iPhone sees. It allows you to remotely control it. You've got a shutter release button and also a three second shutter release button which is good for being able to take a picture of yourself and give yourself a few seconds to drop your wrist so you look more natural.

Now a lot of cool settings can't be found on the Apple Watch itself. You have to use the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Go into that app and then go to the Messages section. Here is where you can set default replies. You can see there is the last setting right there. You can change the six different replies that you can quickly use when replying to a message instead of doing a dictation or having to take out your iPhone. So, for instance, I can change a couple of these to Yes and No which I find I need more often than some of these other ones.

Now you may know that you don't need your iPhone to be able to play music. You can sync a playlist to your Apple Watch and it is stored on your Apple Watch and you can use Bluetooth headphones directly with your Apple Watch with your iPhone nowhere nearby.

The way to do this is to go into the iPhone Watch app, go in there to the music section and you will see that Playlist there. You can select the playlist that you want synced to your Apple Watch.

The same is true for Photos. You can go into the photo section on the Apple Watch app and select a synced Album. Those photos will then be saved on your Apple Watch and you will be able to view them even if your iPhone isn't nearby.