MacMost Now 253: Cool Features of Pages 09

Pages 09 has some cool advanced features. You can easily switch to a full screen mode, hide and show areas in an outline, include charts with live calculations, export and mail documents as Word or PDF files, and create password-protected PDF files.

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    15 years ago

    Thanks for the video! Very useful PDF tip!

    15 years ago

    Thanks for the view of Pages 09!
    I haven't updated my 08 yet but really want too. I use Pages all the time and it help
    my son a lot with his report writing in school... funny thing was, if the teacher wanted a copy of the file emailed, he had to send it as a PDF because the school uses Windows. :D

    Alvin Tang
    15 years ago

    I have a question. When I use convert Pages to Word, vice verse, the format usually go out of syc (tabs , bullet all go funny) or the table with colour might disappear. How do we prevent this from happening?

      15 years ago

      It depends on the purpose of your conversion. For instance, if you simply want someone without Pages to be able to see your Pages document, consider sending them a PDF instead of a Word file.

    12 years ago

    Thanks for all your quite helpful videos. I am an older person trying to use Macbook Pro as laptop and Windows 7 as the home machine. They say old people need to do puzzles etc. to keep their minds sharp. Sigh, crossing platforms actually produces lots of work. Not always appreciated, as the stress involved is considerable.

    Thanks for making it more bearable, more productive.

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