Creating a Cinematic Black Bar Opening Effect in iMovie

There is no transition in iMovie that lets you reveal video behind two horizontal black bars like you sometimes see in films. But you can easily build a black bar opening effect using a simple Keynote animation as an overlay.

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    Ian MacGregor
    4 years ago

    Very nice effect! I've been learning more about iMovie and MacMost has been great in teaching new things. Thank you,Gary!

    4 years ago

    I've tried this multiple times and keep getting a black background in the mov file. I have started over from scratch with the same result. Everything looks fine in the Keynote preview. Then I choose the No Fill background for the Slide Layout background then export the file as 1920 x 1080, Apple ProRes 4444 and checked the Export with transparent backgrounds. I see that after the No Fill background is chosen in Slide Layout the Keynote preview now shows a Black background.

    4 years ago

    Dave: What exact version of macOS and what version of Keynote?

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