Creating A Favorites Font Collection

You can make frequently used fonts easier to find by adding them to the Favorites font collection. If you often use a particular style or color with a given font, you can save the styled font as a favorite, too.

To add a font to Favorites, open the Font panel. The way you open the Font panel depends on the application you’re using. For example, to open it in TextEdit, choose Format, then Font and finally, Show Fonts. Select a font family and a typeface, then select a font size. To select a font color, click the Text Color button and select a color. If you want to see a font preview, choose Show Preview from the Action pop-up menu in the lower-left corner of the Font panel. Finally, choose Add to Favorites from the Action pop-up menu, or drag the font from the Typeface column to the Favorites collection in the Collections column. When you select the font in your Favorites collection, it automatically appears in the correct color and style.