Creating Your Own Memoji in iOS 12

If you have iOS 12 and an iPhone X, XS or XR, you can create Memoji characters to add to the existing Animoji characters to use in Messages as animated talking videos. You can design the Memoji using a variety of facial attributes. You can then use these in Messages and also in FaceTime to have a live conversation with the Memoji replacing your actual face.
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So iOS 11 introduced the feature Animoji. This allowed you to use a little character. It looked at your face and it matched your facial expressions to that character. Then you could send somebody a text message with a little recording with this. Now this only worked on the iPhone X. Now in iOS 12 there's a few new Animoji and it works on more phones because all the new iPhone X phones, the XS, the XR, and the XS Max all allow you to use Animoji.

But there's an even better feature. You can create your own Animoji. A Memoji. It's pretty easy to do. So here I am on an iPhone X and I'm going to go into Messages. When I want to send one of these, an Animoji or a Memoji messages, all I need to do is tap the button at the bottom that looks like a little monkey face there. It will bring me into the section where I can do this.

Now I can flip through and choose one of the many Animoji characters here. You can see even as I'm choosing them it's looking at my face and it's mapping my facial expressions to what it's showing. But you can see here's one that kind of looks a little bit like me. This is a Memoji. One I created. Creating a Memoji is a matter of going to the plus button here. You tap it and it goes into this interface where you create your own.

So the first thing you want to do is maybe choose a skin color. Then you can choose freckles down here. You can adjust the skin tone a little bit. You can flip over to hair style and you can see all these different hair styles here. So just flip through to one. Now you don't have to make it look like you. You can go and make it look like anything that you want. So you can have fun with it as well. You can go and choose the age. You can choose, kind of, the chin type. You can play with the eyes, eyebrows. I'm just picking some at random here.

Notice you can do things. You can choose and then you can also change colors of things. Here's colors of the lips. Different shades. Choose ears and you can add earrings. You can add facial hair, eyewear, headwear like hats and such. Then you hit Done. Now you've got a new Memoji. You can see I've got that one and I've got this one.

Once you've created it now you can hit Record and record something. Up to thirty seconds. Then hit Stop. Then you can hit the arrow button there to send this as a message. Just like with Animoji it works, of course, with other people that also have iPhone X's but it will send as a little video for anybody else. So you can actually send this to anybody. They won't be able to send one back to you but, you know, you can at least send these and have fun with them.

Now there's more that you can do with this. Let's see. We've got the three dots button down here and you can see I can Edit the Memoji I've got set there or Duplicate it and then edit the duplicate. I can also Delete it. You can use Memoji and Animoji in FaceTime.

So here I am on my iPhone and I'm talking to my iPad over here assigned to a different account. So what I can do is I can just tap in the middle of the screen and it brings up controls at the bottom. Hit the control on the left and it brings up all these extra things I can do. So a lot of the stuff you can do in Messages before, like little drawings and things like that, even third party apps can now be put into FaceTime. But I'm just going to use the Memoji and Animoji one. What I can do is I can choose one, either an Animoji or the one I made myself right here and choose that one. I'm going to close that at the bottom and close those controls. You can see now I'm actually talking using the Animoji head instead of my head. It still shows the background behind me.

So this can be kind of fun. Kind of an extra bit of fun that you can have using FaceTime and it's an extra place where you can use the Animoji and Memoji besides just sending the brief little videos in Messages.

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    Mel Lyons
    7 months ago

    Can IOS 12 work for Memoji on my IPhone 7 plus?

    Mel Lyons

    7 months ago

    Mel: No. It requires the front-facing camera tech in the X or newer.

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