MacMost Now 442: Customizing Your iPad

Learn how to change some basic setting on your iPad to customize it to you needs and personality. Also, find out about Gary's new book: My iPad.

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    Nils Magne
    13 years ago

    I am not able to find the aplication: stick it, help anyone?

    Nils Magne
    13 years ago

    Where has j-stickit gone?, can't find in the given address?

    brad smith
    13 years ago

    Hi Gary
    I have a new Ipad but there are two people who will use it is there a way where we can have two log-ins or users or is there an app for this.

    Thanks Brad

      13 years ago

      Nope. There are no "users" for the iPad. I think Jobs said something a while back about Apple thinking of it as a "personal device." I predict that they will eventually will give in on this, but there's no mention of multiple users in the rumors surrounding iOS 5, so it will be a while. I wish they at least had a "guest" setting for all of us who are constantly having people ask "can I play with it?"

    Laurel Skye
    12 years ago

    Iset a sound on my incoming mail, the volume is up on everything, but I don't hear the sound to let me know something is going in or out

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