Customizing Your Mac Login Screen

Most Mac users never take the time to customize their login screen. But there are several options there you will want to change to increase security or have the login screen better fit your needs. There is one very easy change that every user should make, to include a message on the login screen in case you lose your Mac and want to increase the chances that it will be returned to you.

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    Dick Cournoyer
    5 years ago

    Thank you for showing how to add text to the lock screen in macOS. But how do I add text to the lock screen in iOS (12.4)?

    5 years ago

    Dick: The way to do that is to use any graphics app and create your own lock screen image. Include the text you want. Then save it to your Photos and set it to be your lock screen wallpaper in settings. There are even some apps that make building such a wallpaper easier.

    5 years ago

    Thanks for this tip.
    I had already added the lock screen message to my iphone and iPad,
    but just added it to my MBP.
    Strange how it hadn't occurred to me to add this info to my MBP.
    Incidentally, I got a tip many years ago to add
    "Reward for Return" to the lock screen or other items:
    books, notebooks, etc.
    Is this available for  Watch?

    5 years ago

    Bob: I would use Emergency SOS on the Watch so at least someone has a way to contact you if they find it.

    5 years ago

    Thanks Gary.
    I'm considering getting an  watch 5.
    This info would be very helpful.

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