Default Finder Location

When you create a new Finder window, it usually defaults to show All My Files or your home folder. But you can set that to any folder you want. Just go to Finder, Preferences in the menu bar. Under General, change the “New Finder windows show” setting. You can choose some common places like your Documents folder or iCloud Drive. You can also choose Other and select any location.

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    CK Brennan
    7 years ago

    I'm still learning about my macbook. Why would you want to create a new finder window? Thank you.

      7 years ago

      Finder windows are how you view your files. Saw you want to view files in several places at once: some pictures in one location, some documents in another location, a folder with a mix of files in the third location. You could use three Finder windows to do that. Plus, you can drag-and-drop to move or copy files between those locations.

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