Delete Faster

The Delete key will delete one character at a time. But hold down the Option key and press Delete and it will delete the previous word. Hold down the Command key and it will delete the whole line. Using FN+Delete will delete the next character. And FN+Option+Delete works too.

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    10 years ago

    Hi Garry, Thank you so much for this tip. I've owned Macs for years and didn't know this one - Absolutely fantastic!

    Jeff Ostermiller
    10 years ago

    Is there any way to delete unwanted emails on an iPad any faster than individually selecting each email through the edit email feature, then pressing the delete button? At times I want to delete 50 plus emails that I have already read on my iMac that shows up on my iPad. The current process is cumbersome.

      Michael Henry
      10 years ago

      Jeff, press the edit button in the mail preview pane and a row of small unfilled dots appear beside each email. Select the emails you wish to delete and choose that option from the three buttons presented at the bottom.

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