Drawing in iOS Pages, Numbers and Keynote

The new versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote include the ability to draw freehand with the Apple Pencil, or your finger. You can use a variety of drawing tools when in this mode. The result is an image that can be arranged just like any shape or imported photo.

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    Peter Whitford
    6 years ago

    this was really, really helpful. I am thinking of getting a new iPad w/pencil and wasn't sure what capabilities I would have. Thanks for getting me started! :) :) :)

    Robert Whiting
    6 years ago

    Hi Great video’s, only problem I have found is that I used to use Apple Pencil to edit my iPad spreadsheets but now every time I tap a cell up pops drawing, quite frustrating.

    6 years ago

    Does this work in the Mac version of Keynote/Pages/Numbers? I have tried and don't think it does, but I thought I'd ask anyway in case I'm missing something.

    6 years ago

    Jerusha: No. This is a function of the touch screen/Apple Pencil. So since the Mac doesn't have either of those... But you can use any drawing app of your choice, create a graphic, and insert that into these apps just as you could have always done. You can also use the built-in shapes tool.

    Bob Benson
    6 years ago

    I want the option of turning off the drawing/illustration function so I don’t have to go back and forth between pencil and finger. Give me a button to Manual turn this function on and off. What is Apple doing about this frustration????

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