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Adding a New “Move To” Location Under Favorites In Preview

I would like my “Web Receipts” folder to appear under the favorites column when I choose “move to” when saving a PDF in Preview.
Eric Byrne

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    11 years ago

    So the "Favorites" list in a Move To dialog, or any other save or open dialog box in any app, is the same Favorites list that is in the Finder window.
    Open a new Finder window and make sure you can see the left sidebar. Use View, Show Sidebar if you don't see it. Then, navigate to the folder that is one above your Web Receipts folder, so you see that folder in the window. Now, just drag that folder into the Favorites list in the left sidebar.
    It will now not only appear in every Finder window on the left sidebar, but also in other situations where you see your Favorites, such as the Move To dialog box inside applications.

    11 years ago

    That worked great! Thanks Gary.

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