Forum Question: All My Photo’s Are Doubled On My iPhone 4 ?

Under photo’s app I have my albums they are the ones i have synked in i tunes to my computer. It seems to copy all of the photo’s and addes them under Photo Library a second time, so i now have double photo’s. I want to have my photo’s under different albums and not all in 1 file Photo library
how do i fix this ? Do i delete Photo library?
Pat Paulhus

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    10/18/11 @ 1:24 pm

    There are not there a second time. The “Photo Library” is a list of all of your photos. Then you can also look at a list of photos in each album. It is the same in iPhoto on a Mac. You can look in the “Photos” section and see each one, or look in each event and see each one. There is only one copy of each photo, you are just viewing the list in different ways.
    Think of how in iTunes you can view a list of all of your songs, or you can view just the songs on an album. Or, you can make your own playlist. But the songs themselves are just on your drive one time.

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