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Are USB Thumb Drives Reliable?

On a 2014 MacBook with 500 G SSD, is it realistic to use a 128G mini flush mount thumb drive to extend my internal storage? Or am I just fooling myself that this is a useful path to take? Sure seems a cheap one.
Ron Reynolds

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    8 years ago

    Yes and no. I haven't run into too many reliability issues with USB thumb drives. Those I have had that have been trouble were trouble from the start. Those that were good, remained good.
    I'd be more concerned with storing things on there that you need all the time. Even a "flush" mount sticks out a little. And you may occasionally need to remove it to plug something else in. So storing something critical on it that would normally be on your internal drive might be an issue. But archives or media or libraries of projects or things you sometimes need would be fine.
    Two things: First, make sure you get a USB 3 drive. The speed factor is huge. You don't want a USB 2 drive.
    Second, make sure you back it up just like you are backing up the internal drive (right?). So make sure Time Machine is backing up this drive to your external, Time Capsule or other TM location.

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