Forum Question: AT&T MicroCell and Airport Extreme

Hello Gary. I have been fighting with my Airport extreme for over a week now and can find no one to shed some light on how to configure the Airport Extreme up to handle the microcell. I do not have a router but connect through cat5 to my airport and my desktop connects to a port in the back. The wireless takes care of the rest.I have added the microcell to take care of bad signal reception on the iphone however I can find no information on how to configure this to work. It has been a week of failed activation. I have tried to forward ports, bridge mode, IP/CE and even talked to Apple and AT&T. Any chance AT&T would let you borrow one to do a special. PS Your the greatest! Love the youtube videos!

— Jeffrey Starnes

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    9/9/10 @ 9:18 pm

    I wish I could help, but you are right that I would need one to be able to test it myself. I don’t have any connections there.
    I’m surprised that AT&T hasn’t been more help. It is their product, so they should support it. I would try them again — they should be the ones to help. Maybe you just got a bad support person on the phone before.

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