Forum Question: Bad effects of a possible power failure on a Mac.

Dear Gary
Have you got any idea about how bad is for a Mac to abruptly stop operating because of a power failure, instead of a normal shut-down? Is just one or multiple incidents enough to cause these harmful effects (if any)?

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    4/20/11 @ 4:49 pm

    Usually, it shouldn’t be bad at all. During normal operation, or even in the middle of a system function, the OS has been designed to handle failures like that. Power goes out — it happens all the time across the world.
    But it isn’t 100%. You could be in the middle of saving a file in a piece of software that doesn’t handle this situation.
    So to protect yourself, why not get a UPS? Even a cheap one will at least give you a minute to save your work and shut down when you have a power failuer.
    See episode 378:

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