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Can I Bounce Back a Received Email As “Address Not Found?”

In earlier versions of MacMail one could bounce back an email as being an “invalid address, or not found.”

Apple has removed this function, or hid it amazingly well.

Is there a way to do that? – with HTML or somehow return an email as “not deliverable, invalid address, or not found?”


Joe R
Joe Renzetti

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    2 years ago

    Not easily, no. I think there are some third-part extensions or apps that add this functionality.

    I think the reason it was removed was because it didn’t really do anything, at least not for junk mail. In fact, it created a serious problem. You see, most junk mail comes with faked “from” email addresses. So bouncing it back wouldn’t send an email back to the sender. And even if did, there wouldn’t be someone on the other end that would care about it. It is too easy and cheap to send email, so there is no reason for them to remove email addresses from their spam lists.

    But often those faked “from” addresses were real email addresses from innocent people like you who had nothing to do with the junk mail. Then they get a flooded email inbox of people bouncing emails or sending angry responses.

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