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Can I Make a 32 Bit Printer Program Work In Catalina OS ?

I have a 32 bit printer control center program that operates my Brother MFC9560cdw Color Lazer Printer that stop work when I installed the new Catalina OS System. I called brother and they said they are NOT planning on creating or upgrading the software. Is there a way to start the program working again ?
Johnny King

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    2 years ago

    Not really. If Brother had no solution for you, then I don't think you'll find anyone else with a solution. They have basically dropped support for it.

    If you have an old Mac or PC, you may be able to connect it to that and have that computer work as a print server. But that seems like a waste of resources to keep a computer around and running just for that.

    For your next printer, make sure you get one that works independently of any computer. Most do now. My HP LaserJet is 10+ years old, but it is wireless and it doesn't matter what the computer is running.

    Johnny King
    2 years ago

    Thank you for your input, I was hoping to keep working with the Brother Control Center program. It served me well for the time iI used it , I will look for another program for the Catalina OS. Thanks again and GOD Bless

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