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Can You Fade Only One Side Of a Cutaway?

I would like to know if it’s possible in iMovie to fade only one side of a cutaway. For example, if I have two cutaways back to back, I would like to fade in the first cutaway with no fade out. Then the second cutaway I would like to have no fade in, but use the fade out. Is this possible?
Kevin Cross

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    8 years ago

    Yes, you can do this. So add your two cutaways, right up against each other. Then apply the fade to both of them.
    Now, select the first cutaway in the timeline. Look closely at it and you'll see a handle and a diagonal line for the fade at each end of the cutaway in the timeline. The circle is at the very top and the line goes down to the edge. There is another circle there too, but that is for the audio.
    If you try to drag the circle left or right, it will change the length of the fade on both ends. So both circles move together. But if you hold down the option key and drag, then you can move only one at a time. So you can drag the end fade to the right until it is a vertical line representing no fade at all.
    Now do the same thing to the second cutaway, but option+dragging the starting fade to the left. So you are left with only a start fade on the first cutaway and an end fade on the second cutaway.

    8 years ago

    this did not work....
    Can't move only one side of fade... "option" key did not do anything.

    8 years ago

    Chelsea: Which version of iMovie do you have? Definitely works for me on 10.1.1.

    Kevin Cross
    8 years ago

    Gary - thanks so much for answering this. It works great and makes my videos much better for cutaway transitions. Thanks for all the work you do, I have learned a lot from your videos.

    7 years ago

    This did not work for me either. The option key does nothing different. I'm using iMovie 10.0.1.

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