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I’ve had this problem for over a month. 1/day my iphone stops functioning. the screen shows me the “connect to itunes” picture & it only allows me to make an emergency call. I have to restart the phone & then my photos & mp3’s are back. But then my apps don’t work unless I download a new app. I know this sounds odd. I’ve taken it to apple twice & have recieved new hardware and I still have the problem. I tried getting a new sim card & I tried to restore a few times. Anyone know what may be occurring?

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    10/12/10 @ 11:47 am

    Hard to diagnose this problem from afar. I’m surprised the Genius Bar didn’t help more. So you are on your second iPhone and it is still happening? I wonder if something might be corrupt in your iTunes library? That’s just a guess. Sorry I can’t be of more help, I’m a how-to guy, not really a fix-it guy.

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