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I am a relatively new Mac user. I have a G5 2.5Ghz using OS 10.5.8. I have two questions:

1. When I copy from a web page in Safari and try to paste it in MS Word the right margin runs off the page. Is there a setting that I can make that will maintain the correct margins when I copy for example a Newegg or eBay invoice in Safari and paste it in MS Word to file and save on my hard drive for future use.

2. When I copy from a web page in Safari and try to paste it in MS Word only the text is copied. I have to go through several steps, i.e. right clicking on any object or photo on the web page and “save as” and then import it to MS Word. With, and this is a bad word “Windows XP” everything including the photos or objects on the web page are copied and the paste directly to MS Word saving many time consuming steps. I feel sure that there is a way to do the same with Leopard but I don’t know how. Can anyone please help me?


— Don

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    2/11/10 @ 1:47 pm

    If you are trying to save Web pages for future use, then copy and paste into Word is the wrong way to go about it. You get a large file with formatting changed in a proprietary format. Instead, print the page to a PDF (See episode 181: This is quick, the pages look great, and they are easy to store (and search!)

      2/11/10 @ 5:23 pm

      I tried it the way that you suggest and it works but there is still a problem. I only want to save the invoice receipt instead of the entire web page and in the case of Newegg it is 3 pages. The reason that I try to copy and paste is because in that manner I only get what I want without all the extra advertisements etc. I have also printed out the invoice and scanned it and saved it but again it is a lot of steps to get what I want. Surely there is an easier way to copy and paste just what I want and maintain the format. As I said previously, it works great in Windows XP so I would assume that there is a way to do it with Mac also.
      Thanks again, I hope that you have a further suggestion.

        2/11/10 @ 5:37 pm

        When you go to “print to PDF” you can select which pages to print. It is just like printing, but the result is a file. You even get the preview on the left. So if all you want is the first page, just “print” pages 1 to 1 to the PDF.
        Once you see how to so this, it is much easier than launching Word and copy and pasting and getting unformatted results.

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