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Delete Duplicate or Unwanted Photos From My iPad Air?

Trying to delete duplicate or unwanted photos from my iPad Air.
I have no idea how I duplicated them in the first place. Thanks for your help, if possible.
Jean Majka

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    3 years ago

    Do you mean in the Photos app?
    If so, the very best way to do it is to go into Photos, look at the “Photos” albums, so you see everything, and start going through them. If they are truly duplicates, they should be in pairs, as they would have the same time stamp. So go through them yourself and delete the copy.
    This is the sort of task that sounds like it would take a long long time, but in reality it doesn’t. Even hundreds or thousands of photos. If there are a lot do some on a break today, some tomorrow, etc.
    The other option is to get a software solution that would try to do it for you. But the time saving isn’t worth it — these are your photos and you are better off handling it personally to make sure only duplicates are deleted. You also mention “unwanted” photos — which, of course, a software solution wouldn’t be able to tell which ones you want and which ones you don’t.
    As for how you got them in the first place, that’s a tough one. The Photos app is very good at making sure you don’t import the same photo twice. It asks you when you do that. But it depends on the origin of the photo. Did you take them on your iPad? Your iPhone? A camera? Are you using iCloud Photos so everything automatically syncs?
    When you go through the photos, maybe take a good look at them to figure out what is going on. Perhaps it is something simple, like you are taking HDR photos and one is the HDR version and the other is the regular version. If so, you can simply turn the option off to save both when you take new photos.

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