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Do I Need a VPN for My iPhone?

I have a iPhone X and I need to protect my data from snatching. Moreover, I want to access different country content on my smartphone. What do you think I need a vpn or not?
Linda Martin

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    3 years ago

    If you are accessing data using a mobile carrier, then there usually is no need as data is encrypted anyway and the usual dangers like a compromised Wi-Fi network aren't an issue. If you use Wi-Fi only at home or a trusted place like work, then the same there. So only if you are using untrusted Wi-Fi do you really need it. Even then, most communication today is SSL (https) anyway, so it is rare that you are sending data that is not encrypted.

    For pretending to be in a different location, a VPN can be useful, but it doesn't always work. Sites use other methods like GPS location, time settings, etc. But why don't you try it. It isn't like a VPN is that expensive and you can easily switch between on and off.

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