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External Drive Media Folder

When my MacBook Pro (mid 2009 and at 10.11.6) was getting full, I started using an external drive for the Media Folder. Now I also have a new MacBook Pro (2018 and updated to Catalina). What do I do to access the external Media Folder? My music is there!

No, I use no cloud service and have no intention of doing so.

Joyce H

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    4 years ago

    Is the drive connected to the old Mac? If so, then you'll need to disconnect it from the old Mac and connect it to the new one to access the files.

    You could turn on File Sharing on both Macs and set it up so that the new Mac can access the external drive through the old Mac. But this will be slow as it will be through a network connection. It will also mean you have to have your old Mac connected and awake all the time.

    You could set it up as a network drive if you have a router that supports that. It is another option if you know how.

    It is a shame that you don't want to use a cloud service as this is really what a cloud service is for.

    Joyce H
    4 years ago

    Thanks The external drive is not connected I thought to connect it to the new laptop and point to it Can that work?

    4 years ago

    Joyce: Sure, but I'm not sure how you have your Music app set up. It may take some work to get it all working the way you want. But connecting it is the first step regardless.

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