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Finding iTunes Purchases Since a Date

Following on from MacMost Now 773, we have 4 folks who purchase from iTunes quite often and want to share (which makes 773 great! Thx).
773 is quite clear, but when I want to resync the shared library with new purchases, how do I find purchases that I have made since the last sync (to the shared library) date?
Mark McCafferty

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    11 years ago

    The simplest way I can think of is to go into your music library in iTunes, switch to list view, and then choose View, Show Options. Add Date Added as a column. Then click the top of that column to sort by Date Added. So that lets you look at one user's iTunes account and figure out what they obtained most recently.
    But if you are coming from the other end and want to pull in the most recent songs, you could simply use the Finder in list view, and sort your folder with all of the music by modified date.
    But if you simply want to add everything to your iTunes library, you can just drag the whole folder into iTunes. If the song is already in your collection then it shouldn't add it again. So it only adds the things it doesn't have. So that might be your ultimate solution.

    Mark McCafferty
    11 years ago

    Thanks. I'll try your suggestions, but knowing it won't redo if I copy the whole thing is, as you say, perhaps the best approach anyhow.

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