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So, i bought a hard drive because the last drive i got was shot. so when i took out the hard drive put the holder on the new drive and put it back in to the macbook it would not go back in. What happen was the two rubber pads on both sides of the area where you put the drive in where coming off so i removed them completely. when i put the hard drive back in to the macbook. i started up with the disks. i clicked on utility and the hard drive is not being recognized. the only thing that is being recognized is the optical drive and the mac start up disks. i dont know what is going on.. this is the 5TH time. this has happen to me.. please help..

— John

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    2/13/10 @ 10:32 pm

    It sounds like you have a physical problem with the drive. I’d call in professional help and take it to a Mac repair shop.

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