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How Can I Maintain My Uploaded File Size From Pages To

The file size of my Pages document is more than 10MB in size. When I share it to the logo at shows the document size to be the correct size.
However, when I click on the download arrow for the document it indicates that it will download at about 600kb.
The person I want to send it to is not allowed to receive an attached document through email more than 10MB in size and the document is a newsletter to be printed and must be extremely good quality.
Although I could send it to him by exporting the document in the “best” PDF quality with my MobileMe account, MobileMe will be gone next summer so I need to find a way to send it to him.
Charlie Averill

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    11 years ago

    So what is the difference between your original and one sent up and downloaded? It goes from 10MB to 600K, right? Did you try downloading the 600K version to see what the difference is? Is it image quality? Or, maybe the file is simply compressed and you end up with a 10MB version anyway. Are you sharing it as a Pages document, or a PDF?

      Charlie Averill
      11 years ago

      I just created a pages document and shared to allowing it to be downloaded as a PDF file.
      It uploaded at 39MB.
      I went to to view it. It indicated that it was 39MB.
      When I click on the "download" arrow, it says that it is a PDF file and is 15MB.
      I downloaded it and the size is indeed 15MB.
      I took the original file and exported it to the desktop in all three qualities of PDF.
      The "good" one is 94kb.
      The "better" one is 422kb.
      The "best" one is 25MB.
      It seems that my only alternative when mobileme disappears is to export the pages document in the "best"PDF and then FTP it to the recipient.
      That quality is necessary to print excellent photos for a newsletter.
      What a shame that mobileme will soon disappear. evidently is only for other parties to help edit or for commenting on drafts, etc.
      If you discover anything I've done wrong, please let me know.
      Thanks for your time.

        11 years ago

        That makes sense. The other PDFs compress the images. So they would be smaller. Not sure what the problem is.
        Keep in mind that while and MobileMe are related, I don't see any indicator that will go away when MobileMe does.
        And there are tons of alternatives that would probably work for you. Dropbox, for instance.

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