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How Do I Add Additional Bookmarks?

System is a 2017, 15 inch, MacBook Pro
Software is Sierra, 10.2.6
Safari Version 11.1.2 (12605.3.8.1)

I understand the basics of adding a bookmark, but when it is added, the bookmark name does not appear in the bookmark list. However, although the name is not visible, providing I can remember the title, when the first few letters are typed on the input line, the URL auto fills and brings up the wanted site. Help!

Replies will be great appreciated. Thanks.


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    5 years ago

    When you add a bookmark, you get to choose where the bookmark is saved. Your bookmarks can be saved in a Favorites folder, a Bookmarks Menu folder, or other folders you create. Go to Bookmarks, Edit Bookmarks to see all of these. You can add folders and folders inside of folders.

    You can access bookmarks you save in many ways. The most obvious is to use the Bookmarks menu and look at the items there. When you create a bookmark you can specify where you are saving it to. You just need to pay attention to where you are saving it to in order to find it again. It sounds like maybe you are saving them into a folder and you just need to look inside that folder in the Bookmarks menu to find them. Use that Edit Bookmarks function to move, organize and rename them.

    Another way to access your bookmarks is to use Bookmarks, Show Bookmarks. Then you see them all in a left sidebar.

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