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How Do I Autofill Column In a Table In Pages?

I want to autofill a column in a table in Pages with sequential numbers.

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    2 years ago

    You do this basically the same way you would do it in Numbers. For instance, you can put a 1 into cell A1 and a 2 into cell A2. Then select both cells by clicking the first, and then Shift+clicking the second.

    Now, move the cursor near the button center of the second cell. You will see a small yellow dot appear at the bottom center of the second cell. Grab that yellow dot and drag down. The sequence of numbers will autofill however many cells you drag over.

    Note that it was important to put the 1 and the 2 so Pages understood that you wanted a sequence. If you simply did one cell with a 1 in it, it would assume you wanted to repeat that number over and over.

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