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How Do I Bring An App Back To My iPhone’s Home Screen?

I have iPhone 12. Prior to this I had a 6S Plus. I used to be able to rearrange all of my apps on my iPhone via iTunes on my Mac. However, I can’t seem to do that anymore. What am I missing here? I know I can back up my phone to my Mac via Finder and I can see all of my music on the music App of my Mac. But I can’t access the content of my iPhone, i.e. all of the Apps. Thank you for your help.

The reason I want to be able to do this is because somehow or other I have deleted my WhatsApp icon from the iPhone, however, the App is still in the iPhone itself (I can access it via the search function) but I want it back on my screen. From all of my research the only way I can get all of my Apps back is by resetting the home screen layout. I don’t want to do this because all of my folders will be deleted and I’ll have to go back a recreate them!
Ruth Keeble

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    2 years ago

    That function was removed several years back. You not arrange the apps directly on the iPhone.

    To get an app back that you have removed from the Home Screen, go to the App Library (last Home Screen to the right) and search for it there. Then tap and hold the app and select Add to Home Screen.

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