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How Do I Capture Then Convert the Current Date/time In Numbers To a Static Date?

Using for a collaborative spreadsheet, I want to have users check the box and in cell next to the check it will capture the current date/time and have it remain static going forward (unless the check is removed then readded). I successfully captured the date/time with an if statement and the now() in the formula, but the time changes every time something new is added anywhere. I saw you can copy the result of now() and paste the value in a cell to make this happen, but that is too may steps. Is there a script that would accomplish this ever time a box is checked without having to copy/paste?
Thomas E

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    2 years ago

    So are the people accessing this document using Numbers, the Mac app? Or are they using the web app version of Numbers?

    I can think of how to do this in Numbers, the Mac app, using Automator. You could create an Automator process that would insert the current date. Then add that as a Service to Numbers. But if you are using and want this to work on other Macs in other locations, it is a bit tough. There is also Insert, Date & Time, but that would also require the Mac app, not the web app.

    The only decent option I can think of is to have people type the date themselves.

    2 years ago

    People are accessing Numbers using the web app version on a PC. I want it to work accross each user thru the web app version. Is the Insert, Date & Time only available on the Mac app? Does it become static?

    2 years ago

    ThomasE: Yes, Insert, Date & Time is a static piece of data. But it doesn’t help you, sorry. There are plenty of ways to insert a date and time in any place instead of typing, I’m sure. But that would be up to each individual user. It isn’t something you could add to your Numbers document. I think telling them to insert the current date in a field is probably your best bet. Or, maybe look for an alternative data entry method, like a Google Doc form.

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