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How Do I Change “read-only” Attribute Using Terminal?

MacBook Pro early 2008; Yosemite OSX. My hard drive is full and I need to empty out Trash. Unable to do normal re-boot. I’ve had to use Command-R. In Terminal, it showed that all the files in Trash are “read-only” and cannot be erased. I can regain a lot of GB if only I can remove the “read-only” files in the Trash folder.

So, what is the Terminal command for changing “read-only” attributes to “read and write” that will allow me to erase the files?
Mireille Soto

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    6 years ago

    You shouldn't need to use the Terminal for that. You can select the files then bring up the Get Info inspector by using Command+Option+i. Don't forget the Option or you will get a separate Get Info window for each file.

    Now look for the section Sharing & Permissions. GO into that and you can change the Privileges for the files there, assuming that is what is wrong.

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