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How Do I Clear Recents in Messages for iOS 13?

in ios 12 u would start a message
in to type a then u could select the recent group info button and remove from recents that seams to be hidden in ios 13

ex imessage type in to field a
and recents appear ie ann and jack

how do i clear the group ann and jack
david hold

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    1 month ago

    I still see it. I start a new conversation and start typing a name. I see that name appear in a list below. I tap the “i” button next to that name. There is Remove From Recents.

    david hold
    1 month ago

    my experience:
    after the list of recents appear
    next to name is an >
    click that
    if one of my contacts shows list of contact means ie phone number, email
    if not one of my contacts shows list – create, add to,ignore contact

    if the name part of group message ie ann and jack
    shows >
    click that shows individuals with and i click the i shows contact card with at bottom
    send message, share contact, add to favorites

    no red remove from recents appears on any of them

    4 weeks ago

    Still looking for correct way. There is no option anywhere to remove a recent group. I just don’t want to choose the right person in the wrong group and send confidential information inadvertently.

    4 weeks ago

    Niki, I am also searching for this answer I don’t know why they would take away that option

    4 weeks ago

    Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

    1 week ago

    Any solutions? Hard to believe they haven’t fixed this in an update yet.

    1 week ago

    this is making me INSANE

    7 days ago

    Just checking back if anyone has found a solution or has spoken to apple support to see if there is a way or if it is a known bug

    6 days ago

    IOS 13 did they test anything??? Someone should be fired. Remove recents is an important feature for many of us. I have even tried turning off Siri suggestions and that did not work. Now it even suggests all my contact email addresses and landlines for messages. What a cluster.
    Come on Apple – we need remove recents back now!

    6 days ago

    I contacted Apple and was told there is no way to do it with 13 BRING BACK THIS FEATURE

    5 days ago

    Apple needs to get on this, hopefully more people voice their opinion

    4 days ago

    I have been trying to remove recent names in messages and group messages ever since IOS 13 update. I have spent hours searching internet for a fix and nothing. Glad I came upon this site. Now i know it’s an Apple update screw up. Apple could fix this ith a update. They need to get off their buts and fix this ASAP. I just may get rid of my Apple phone. Apple get this fixed.

    3 days ago

    Spent 3 hours over several calls to Apple (call centre appears to be in Cork) the third helper said its supposed to work like that as an improvement feature and if not happy to go to the Apple suggestions site !!!

    2 days ago

    This is HUGE. I cannot believe IOS 13 doesnt have the remove from recents feature. Mind blowing!

    2 days ago

    I’m having the same issue and Apple was not much help for this issue so technically this is still an issue for me and seems from reading above many other Apple users as well are continuing to experience the same frustration…so annoying!!

    2 days ago

    That is the link to leave feedback for Apple

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