Forum Question: How do I completely remove a “project” from iMovie?

I have a Mac OS X Snow leopard with 1 tb hd, intel based and have successfully created a couple of projects using IMovie which I love. The two movies were of the same events, using re-filmed footage from my Sony CRX 150. Had a problem with one part of an event in the final version with violent “shaking” and “zooming” for thirty seconds or so. Tried to “reject” this clip and replace but the same thing happened to the replacement. Deleted the entire (completed) project and started over and in this project (much better) I encountered the same problem in a smaller segment of different footage from the same event!
Also, I seem not to be able to COMPLETELY remove every trace of a project because when I began the new event, it automatically “adopted” the exact name and “style” that the first one had. What’s thig? – Thanks for any suggestions.

Sam Sayger

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    7/13/11 @ 7:34 am

    Not sure what you mean by adopting the same name and style.
    When you create a new project with File, New Project it asks you to choose a name and a theme. Are you saying it didn’t use your name and theme choice, but instead used something else?
    You can delete a project by looking at the list of projects (press the Project Library button) and selecting and deleting a project. Then it is gone.

      Sam Sayger
      7/14/11 @ 6:12 am

      Thanks for the reply!
      I did that and removed everything I could locate of the first Project. Then, retaped the film (Sony, CRX 150) from the 8mm and again, went thru the entire project. I did select the same theme (because I liked it – “Scrapbook” ) and proceeded. As i worked on the project, it became obvious that all the info which I had placed (title, director, etc) had already been installed – not by me!) in the first version was still there. The clip which had given me trouble in the first project was fine – but another was infected with the same “shaking and zooming, etc”. All the transitions were great in the 2nd but in the first, some were distorted. Remember, I did select the same theme – but did not enter the info – yet it was there. And, it seems to me the command (or error) which was in the first, was also in the second, tho a different area.
      Otherwise this thing is perfect! I struggled with Photoshop Elements and Premier for one full year on a good PC with disastorus results – and with IMovie, my first efforts were rewarded.

        7/14/11 @ 7:31 am

        So you removed the project. Did you also remove the Event? Maybe you left the Event in place and were using the same clips from the first import of the video, rather than the new event created by importing it again. Or, maybe you imported the second time to the same event, giving you two copies of everything.
        Also, when you say you “removed everything I could locate of the first Project” did you delete the Project itself? Sounds like you just deleted thing INSIDE the project and left the empty project, and then started using again. Maybe?

    Sam Sayger
    1/23/12 @ 11:46 pm

    Sorry for the delay in my response Gary. I have severe health problems and have to sit at this only when I am physically up to it – which I’ve not been for awhile. You were right on all points and I do so appreciate your very capable help.

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