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How Do I Control the Brightness on an External Monitor?

I have an external monitor on my MacBook Pro, using Catalina. How do I adjust the brightness in the external monitor.

Richard P.

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    2 years ago

    It depends on the display. For some, you can go to System Preferences, Displays, and you can control the brightness there. Sometimes, if a display has a display connection (like Mini DisplayPort) and also a USB connection to act as a hub or something else, then you need a USB cable connected as well for this to work.

    But for other displays (most?) you need to use the controls on the display to adjust the brightness or anything at all. You can't use any control on your Mac to do it.

    It may also depend on how you have the screen connected. If you make the mistake of using a converter to convert to HDMI and then connect the screen that way, you may not have be able to control it in System Preferences, but if you use the regular way (Mini DisplayPort, sometimes Thunderbolt) to connect the screen you may find you have those controls. Or, you may not have them in either case. Then you just need to use the display's controls.

    Richard Polak
    2 years ago

    Gary, thank you. In the Apple Store , I found QuickShade for free. It seems to do exactly what I need: reduce brightness.

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