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How Do I Create Folders In “Mail” On an iPad?

I would like to create folders in my “Mail” program on the iPad to store different emails as “receipts”, “orders”, “to do” etc.
I have done this easily with the “Mail” program on the iMac. Is this possible for the iPad?
Thanks for your reply.
Ed Woz.

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    4 years ago

    It is easily done on an iPad too, at least if you are using iCloud email or another modern email server (like Gmail). Not sure if you are using old-fashioned ISP email. You should probably switch anyway if you are still doing that.
    So lets say you are in Mail on your iPad and you have your iPad turned horizontally so you see the sidebar on the left. And lets say you are looking at “All Inboxes” in the sidebar.
    Tap on the “Mailboxes” link at the very top left. Then the sidebar should show mailboxes at the top, along with things like VIP, Flagged, etc. Under that, it should show “Accounts” and then list your accounts. Tap the one you want to create the mailbox for.
    On the next screen you’ll also see a list of all the mailboxes (aka folders) you have for that account. Any you created on your Mac, should be there as long as you are using modern email servers (iCloud, Gmail, IMAP, etc) and you created those mailboxes/folders for that account (not “On My Mac”).
    Tap Edit at the top of this list. Then you will get a New Mailbox at the bottom. Tap that to create the new Mailbox on this mail server.

    Ed Woz.
    4 years ago

    Thanks Gary. I guess the important thing is to use another server. I’m using Verizon at the present and was unable to create the folders.
    I’ll give Gmail a spin. Appreciate your reply.

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