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How Do I Crop the Corners Of a Rotated Image In Pages 09?

I am working in the Cards template in Pages. The page is divided into 4 sections by alignment lines (blue) which, I assume, are the cutting lines. Working in one of those sections (this finished section will be copied into the other 3)I have rotated several photos so that some corners fall outside the alignment lines. I need to crop these corner sections (they vary in size and shape) so that they do not bleed over into the next section. I cannot figure out how to do this. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
E. Short

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    7 years ago

    Good question. There is a way to do it.
    These images are masked. That means that the entire image is not shown, but only a portion inside a rectangle. You can tell because when you select the image, you see “Edit Mask” appear under it.
    Now when you rotate the image, the image and the mask both rotate. So you end up with a rectangular mask that is rotated with the image so the corners will stick out of the space.
    What you want is to rotate the image, but still have it cropped to fit the same space, right?
    So what you need to do is to rotate the image first. Then, you need to remove the mask. Do this by selecting Format, Unmask. This will reveal the entire image — if the image happens to be exactly the same size as the mask, then you may not notice the difference.
    Next, choose Format, Mask With Shape, Rectangle. Now the image remains rotated, but the mask is horizontal and vertical with the page.
    Finally, you simply adjust the mask by pulling on the top, bottom and sides until it fits like you want. Click away from the image and only the part of the image under the mask will be visible.
    It may take you a few tries to get the hang of it, so maybe try it on a sample Cards template document to see. I was using the Real Estate Postcard to figure it all out, so try that one.

    7 years ago

    how about using an image editor to crop the corners of a rotated image.

      7 years ago

      Yes, you can use any image editor (Photoshop, Pixelmator, Seashore, etc) to rotate the image and create a new one before importing it into Pages. That is another option, but it requires many more steps, another piece of software, and you’d need to start over again to make adjustments.

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