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How Do I Deal With 32 Bit Apps. Before Upgrading To Catalina?

My desktop is late 2012 Mac mini. About this Mac>Applications lists 60+ apps. as 32 bit. Is there any way to update these to 64 bit en masse, or do I need to check each one with the developer?
Please explain the best , easiest, shortest way to deal with these non 64 bit apps. so that I can move to Catalina. Should I remove these one at a time before updating to macOS 10.15? Or if I elect to update anyway, what happens to all those 32bit apps.? Do they just stop working? I have already moved my 2018 MBA to Catalina. It showed zero 32 bit apps. beforehand.
Rod Lewis

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    4 years ago

    I did a video on this a while back:

    In your case, I doubt those 60 apps are all really "apps." Many are probably drivers or components of other software like video or audio converters and things like that. Maybe a few utilities in there. So if you actually investigated each one, you would probably only find a few real apps that would be affected by this.

    If you don't do anything and update to Catalina, then all that happens is those apps won't run anymore.

    If you already moved your newer Mac to Catalina and haven't had any issues with your work, then I doubt you'll have problems with this older Mac.

    And if you do, it is just a matter of upgrading those apps to newer versions or replacing them with apps that are still maintained.

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