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How Do I Default To Page Layout In Pages?

In Pages, is there any way to set up Page Layout as the default when you first open up the application?

I am going to be doing a series of newsletters and I want Pages to always open up in Page Layout. I know I can set up a template and always use that, but is there a setting to default to Page layout in the settings?

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    2 years ago

    Yes. Start a new document. Convert it to Page Layout. Maybe make some other changes so it is even a better starting point for your documents: styles, margins, etc.

    Then choose File, Save As Template. Save it to the Template Chooser.

    Now go to Pages, Preferences. Under General look for For New Documents and set it to Use Template. Then click the Choose Template button there and choose your new template.

    Now Pages will start with your template in Page Layout mode every time. You can always start with that template, make changes, save as a new template and set it to that new version too. So you can make changes.

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