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How Do I Delete 9000 Emails From My iPhone 4s ?

How do I delete 9000 emails from my iPhone 4s ?
I have tried this process
There is a perfect way of deleting ALL emails at once without jailbreaking your iphone or ipad…and here it is:
>> Open Inbox >> Edit >> Mark All >> Mark As Read [Added May 21, 2014 by Adrian; this extra step makes the difference between success & failure for some.]
>> Open Inbox >> Edit >> Check/select the top message; it will highlight the move button.
>> Press and hold the move button and uncheck the message that you had checked earlier.
>> Lift all your fingers off from the ipad screen and leave it alone. Wait until all your messages pile up on the right hand portion of the screen (in ipad); iphone will give you the actual number of emails it has selected for the action. Now they are just waiting for your command to be moved ALL at once.This does not work emails keep returning and my phone says my storage is running out
Marty Rubenstein

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    4 years ago

    It is hard to say as you left out information about your email service. Most email today is cloud-based email. You can check it on the website of the service and view your email on your phone and computer at the same time without conflict. So I assume that this is the case with you.
    So just log on to the web-based version of your email system on your computer. Use the tools there to clear out your inbox. Then let your iPhone’s Mail app take a few minutes to deal with the update to this massive number of emails.
    Without knowing more, this is the best advice I have.

    Marty Rubenstein
    4 years ago

    I will try this many thanks

    4 years ago

    I had this problem with my iPad. The solution for me was to change the settings for swipe options in Mail. I can not remember what I changed but my current settings are swipe left to ‘move message’ and swipe right to ‘archive’. When you go to the inbox ‘edit’ shows at the top of the column. press edit and you get the options of ‘mark all’ or delete all’ at the bottom of the list of e mails. Press delete and all disappear! I have no Idea why this works.

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