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How Do I Delete Old Time Machine Backups In Mojave?

When attempting to clean up my Time Capsule, I found a couple of .sparsebundles which are lingering from an old Mac (which I no longer have). When I attempt to purge them, I am getting the error “The operation can’t be completed because the item “bands” is in use.”

I have attempted the following already without success:

1) restarted TC
2) control-option / (File, Delete Immediately)
3) turned of Spotlight (added TC to Privacy section)
4) searched Google for the error – which landed me here to a previous post.. however, the resolution was not documented.

I’m using Mojave 10.14.3

NOTE: I moved the bundle to a new folder on the TC and it worked.. so, it’s not “locked” per se.

Thanks in advance!
Corey D

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    5 years ago

    It is hard to find a solution because troubleshooting like this requires a more hands-on approach.

    You've already tried some things, but have you tried them with Time Machine turned off? Just turn it off temporarily and see if you can then delete that image. I would turn off Time Machine for every computer that is backing up to this Time Capsule.

    Then, maybe, for good measure, restart your Time Capsule. Then see if you can delete the sparsebundle.

    Another idea: Instead of throwing more time and effort into it, how much trouble would it be for you to wipe the drive and start your current backups from scratch?

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