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How Do I Email/ SMS Invoice Generated In Numbers App?

I want to send detailed invoice generated in numbers to my clients.
Is it possible to do it directly from the Numbers app?
Vikram kumar

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    11 months ago

    Yes. You can do it several ways. One is that you can simply choose Share, Send a Copy. Select Email or Messages. Then you get some options. One of those options is to send it as a PDF. This is probably a good idea as you may not know if the recipient has Numbers, or is even on a Mac. Sending as a PDF is probably better as they can’t easily edit it accidentally.

    You can also hit the Collaborate button and send them a link to the document in iCloud. But that is probably not what you are going for here.

    Vikram kumar
    11 months ago

    But sharing the document shares whole of the speadsheet which includes other parts too which I don’t want to share
    I just want 1 page to be shared which has the invoice only

    11 months ago

    Vikram: Then your best bet is to use Print. You can select This Sheet or All Sheets. Then click the PDF button and there is usually a shortcut right there to Mail it. You can also select Show in Preview there and then use Share in Preview to send it other ways.

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