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How Do I Get Apple Keyboard On Desktop That Will Function?

My keyboard must be damaged as I cannot use comma and period keys when typing on Macbook/ Gary suggested put keyboard on desktop and use that/ I had one on there but it just disappeared today/ Can anyone please help???? Have tried downloading a couple but they will not function// You will note the absence of period in email address below//
Thank you

jac mills

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    2 years ago

    You don’t need to download anything to get a keyboard on the screen that you can use to temporarily type letters until you get a new physical keyboard. There are two built-in methods you can use in macOS. Here’s the easiest one.

    Go to System Preferences, Keyboard, Input Sources. Then check the box “Show Input menu in menu bar.” When do you that, not the little icon that appears in the menu bar at the top right. It looks like a box with a Command symbol in it (⌘). Now click on that and choose Show Keyboard Viewer.

    jac mills
    2 years ago

    Success, from a computer dummy, with much appreciation. So kind of you to take the time!!!


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