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How Do I Get iOS Bubble Live Wallpaper Back?

My iPhone 11 Pro had the old Apple supplied Bubble Live wallpaper on the lock screen. It is the LIVE wallpaper that looked similar to the iPhone XS box top photo. I was curious to see what the new iOS 13 Live wallpaper looked like so I went into Settings -> Wallpaper and set one of the new wallpapers just to see what it looked like.

I wanted to go back to my Live Bubble wallpaper (that I think first appeared in iOS 12, but I am not sure about that) but iOS 13 Settings -> Wallpaper no longer has that wallpaper available in Settings -> Wallpaper -> Choose a new Wallpaper.

Is there a way I can get that Live bubble wallpaper back?
Vincent Cina

Comments: 3 Responses to “How Do I Get iOS Bubble Live Wallpaper Back?”

    5 years ago

    When I look, I see Dynamic, Stills and Live as the three choices. Then under that a list of my photos. I think what you want is the Dynamic ones. Do you not see those three choices?

    Vincent Cina
    5 years ago

    Yes, I see Dynamic, Stills and Live. I have searched all three and I do not find the Live Bubble wallpaper that first appeared in iOS 12 / iPhone XS (or was it iOS 11 / iPhone X?). Dynamic has 14 wallpapers, Live has 4 wallpapers and Stills has 22. I also have access to my Photos library.
    Perhaps Apple just completely removed it from iOS 13 Settings -> Wallpaper, but it was somewhere on my iPhone: prior to me going to Settings->Wallpaper and choosing a new one, it was on, my Lock Screen Live

    5 years ago

    Vincent: Ah, OK. I thought the ones in Dynamic were the ones you are looking for.

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