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How Do I Get My Early 2011 MacBook Pro Ready To Hand Down for My Daughter To Use

I have bought a new MacBook Pro and am giving my old early 2011 MacBook Pro to My daughter I don’t have the disks for my old one?
How do I do this please?
Matt Cooke

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    3 years ago

    Normally, when you give your Mac to someone else, you want to completely clear it off and reset it. I have a video on that: Erase and Completely Reset Your Mac. You don’t need discs, and in fact Macs don’t come with those anymore.

    But in your case you are passing it on to another family member and you may want to do it differently. What I have done in the past is to keep my current account on the machine. Use it as the admin account. Maybe turn off cloud syncing so it isn’t always keeping up with file updates and such. Put a good strong password on that account too.

    Then, create a new account on that machine for her. A standard account with parental controls for a young child, maybe a standard account (can’t install apps)for an older one, and her own admin account for a young adult.

    This way, not only is it easy, but she keeps any apps you may have installed. Plus, you can always log into your account to solve problems or to use it her and there when needed.

    If you are not familiar with multiple accounts, here is a beginner’s guide: A Beginner’s Guide to Mac User Accounts.

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